Johnny English Strikes Again 60" trailer


Starring Rowan Atkinson as the eponymous British agent - and Emma Thompson as PM - Johnny English Strikes Again was released in cinemas worldwide by Working Title / Universal in October 2018.

Johnny English Strikes Again was the highest grossing English language comedy at the International Box Office in 2018 - and is currently No.36 in the chart of All-Time International Box Office for Comedy Movies.


“Director David Kerr engineers Atkinson’s intricate routines with clockwork precision. There is much to enjoy, especially Emma Thompson as an extravagantly exasperated prime minister” L.A. Weekly

“It’s hilarious…Timeless slapstick, with director David Kerr allowing Atkinson plenty of room to flex his comic muscle.” The Washington Post

“A genuine laugh riot…Mission: Accomplished” Forbes Magazine

“Brilliantly orchestrated…The film is shot remarkably well by director David Kerr.” Entertainment Focus

Johnny English Strikes Again strings together gag after gag after gag at such a relentless clip that it’s hard to do anything but double over laughing. The execution is brilliant” Toronto Globe & Mail

“Johnny English Strikes Again has more laughs than the two films which preceded it.” The New York Times


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